Santa's Beard

Contributed by : Shina Utavani   
Santa's Beard

This is a story of beard, Christmas and Santa Claus.

One day, it was very hot and the sun was boiling in the sky. The Santa, due to heat said, “It is too hot, I am feeling very hot.” The Santa had a long fluffy beard and due to that, he was feeling very hot. Looking at Santa, the beard said, “Do not worry Santa, I will find a new face.” After saying this, the beard flew up in the air and went to find a new face. The beard went to the kitchen and said to the busy chef, “Hello, Chef. Can I be your beard?” The Chef said, “I do not think you will enjoy it. You may even get in a tangle with my food.” The beard said, “Okay, I will find someone else.”

The beard went ahead to a baby that was sitting on a baby chair. The beard then asked the baby and the baby’s mum replied, “Babies do not have a beard. He is too small for having a beard.” The beard then left to ask someone else.

Then the beard flew to a granny sitting in a garden. The beard asked the same question to the granny and she replied, “No, ways.” The beard then left looking for someone else. The beard went straight to a castle and said to the princess, “Hey, Princess, can I be your beard?” The princess replied, “You are a very beautiful beard but I am already beautiful so I do not need you.” The beard said, “Okay” and left the castle.

The Santa’s beard then flew to a pirate and asked him. The pirate replied, “I already have one.” Santa’s beard said, “Yeah, right, Okay.” Then the beard left and went ahead. The beard went to every creature of the sea but no one needed him. The beard felt a little sea sick and was very sad.

The sea turned into ice and snow started to fall after some time. Santa’s beard was angry and sad. Suddenly, a little red man came and saw a little white comfy thing. The man touched the thing and thought what that is? The beard shouted, “I am Santa’s beard. No one wants me, no one loves me. I am cold and lonely.” The red man said, “My lovely beard I am glad I found you.” The red man was Santa. Santa said, “I am freezing, Will you be my beard and save me from freezing?” the beard excitedly said, “Yes, I would love to.” Then they went to distribute gifts to everyone and made everyone’s Christmas happy.

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