Sarah and Fluffy

Contributed by : Ravina Sewani   
Sarah and Fluffy

This is a story of mother, daughter, milk and cat.

Sarah did not like to drink milk. Whenever her mom gave Sarah a glass of milk, she would say, “No, thanks, Mom, no milk for me.” Sarah’s mom knew how important it was for her young daughter to drink milk. Milk had calcium and Sarah needed calcium in order to have strong teeth and bones.

One afternoon, Sarah’s mom spoke to Sarah’s teacher, Mrs. Smith, about her problem with Sarah. The next day Mrs. Smith gave Sarah a special book to read. The book was called, “Fluffy.” Sarah loved to read and loved kittens too. Fluffy was a kitten.

When Sarah got home from school that day, she ran to her mom, kissed her, and said, “Mom, look. Mrs. Smith gave me a special book to read. It is about a kitten named Fluffy.”

“That’s nice, dear. Why don’t you read a bit before dinner?” asked her mom. Sarah washed her hands and sat at the kitchen table to read. After reading for a few minutes, Sarah said, “Oh, poor Fluffy can’t climb a tree because her paws hurt.”

Then Sarah said, “Poor Fluffy can’t bend, twirl, or dance because her paws hurt.” Sarah closed her book. Sarah’s mom came to the table and asked, “What’s wrong, dear? Why have you stopped reading?”

Sarah said, “It’s Fluffy. She can’t climb, bend, twirl, or dance because she won’t drink milk and, and, and……” Sarah stopped. Then Sarah said, “Mom, may I have a glass of milk?” Sarah drank the glass of milk and said, “If Fluffy needs milk to be healthy and strong, I guess I do, too.” “Yes, dear,” smiled Sarah’s mom.


A glass of milk everyday builds a strong mind and a strong body.

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