Snow-white and the seven dwarves

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Snow-white and the seven dwarves

This is a story of dwarf, prince, snow white and witch.

Moral(s) of the story: selfishness

Once, there lived a King and Queen in a beautiful, huge kingdom. The king and queen had a beautiful daughter named Snow White. She was very pretty and had gorgeous black hair and fair skin. The princess became more beautiful as she grew up. She was very kind and generous. But as she grew up, her mother died. Snow White was very depressed after her mother died.

The king married a new queen and she turned out to be an evil witch. She had a magic mirror. One day she asked the mirror to tell her who was the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. The mirror replied, “Snow White.” The queen could not hear this and decided to kill her. She directed a soldier to take Snow White away from the Kingdom and kill her.

The soldier took Snow White to the forest to kill her, as directed by the queen. Snow White was very kind and generous. She had shown her generosity to everyone. The soldier was also aware of her kind nature. So, the soldier could not kill her. He advised the princess to run away and never come back because the queen wanted to kill her.

The princess was shocked by hearing this. She ran as fast as she could through the forest. After a while, she was tired. She decided to take some rest. She saw a tiny house and decided to go inside. When she entered the house, she saw that everything was very small. But as she was very tired, she decided to take some rest. She laid down on the little bed and fell asleep.

The princess was sleeping on the bed and after some time seven dwarves entered the tiny house. As they entered the house, they saw Snow-white on the bed and were surprised. The dwarfs said, “Why is a girl sleeping on our bed? What is she doing here?” The voice woke up the princess. She told everything to the dwarves. She told them about the witch queen. The dwarves allowed the princess to stay in their house. The princess soon became friends with the dwarves. She cooked food for them and they lived happily.

The witch queen soon found out that the princess was still alive. She turned herself into an old lady and entered the house. The witch knocked on the door. Snow White opened the door and saw an old lady. The old lady gave her a delicious apple and asked her to taste it. Snow White took the bite of the apple. The apple was poisonedand as soon as she took a bite, she fell on the ground and never woke up. The little dwarves were very sad and decided to put her on the flower bed.

One day, a prince saw Snow-White lying on a flower bed. He was awe-struck by her beauty and fell in love with her. He took her hand and kissed it. The moment, the prince kissed her, she woke up. The kiss had the power to break the witch’s magic.

As soon as she woke up, she saw the prince. She was pleased to see the charming prince. She fell in love with him. The prince and Snow White then lived a happy life. The witch became mad and in anger, she broke her mirror and never heard the mirror talk again.


Selfish desire is dangerous. Do not trust strangers.

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