Tanya's trip to the market

Contributed by : Yesha Desai   
Tanya's trip to the market

This is a story of market, carrot, cucumber, onion, peas, potato and tomato.

On a fine monday morning three year old Tanya went to the market with her father. There she saw many different types of fruits and vegetables.

Her father explained about a lot of different types of food to her.

Firstly, they bought one kilogram of potatoes. Her father explained that potatoes are a part of our staple diet. They are a huge source of carbohydrates. Her father said, “ Potatoes grow underneath the soil. They are tubers. They give you a lot of energy.”

They moved on to get some peas. Her father told her, “While peas are considered to be vegetables, pea pods which contain peas are actually fruits. They contain every type of vitamin that a human body needs so you should eat them without arguing with your mother.”

They bought some carrots. “Carrots are root vegetables. They grow under the soil as roots.” Tanya loved carrots. They are very crunchy and tasty and according to her father, they have a lot of vitamins.

They bought onions and Tanya remembered that these are the vegetables that bring tears to her mother’s eyes. Onions grow in multiple colours like red, yellow white. They have a very sharp taste and are very healthy. They are used in a lot of different dishes to spice them up.

Tanya was very tired. She had a long day in the market and asked her father about how long it will be until they got to go home.

Her father laughed, “We just have to buy some cucumbers now. Then we can leave.”

Tanya loved cucumbers. They are crunchy and tasty. She had recently found out that like tomatoes, cucumbers are also considered to be fruits. Her father said that the cucumbers have lots of vitamins and minerals and are mostly made of water.

After they purchased everything, they were ready to leave. Tanya learned a lot about the different types of vegetables. She decided to not argue so much while eating them because they are healthy for her.

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