The bear and the honey pot

Contributed by : Shina Utavani   
The bear and the honey pot

This is a story of bear, friend, honey and monkey.

Moral(s) of the story: self love

A big bear and a naughty monkey were best friends who lived in a jungle. They both were always together and used to have a lot of fun together. The monkey always tried to copy the bear. He wanted to become just like him.

The monkey and the bear were sitting together one day and the monkey started copying him. He did exactly what the bear was doing. The bear noticed the monkey and said, “My dear friend why are you imitating me?” The monkey replied, “Bear, you are so strong and big, I want to become just like you.” The bear then said, “My friend, you are energetic and active, you are awesome too. Do not think about what I am.”

At that very moment, the bear spotted a big pot of honey near the mango tree. The bear quickly went and grabbed the pot of honey. The bear was very happy and thought he would enjoy and do a lot of fun with it. He started licking his hand filled with honey. The monkey asked for some honey from the bear. The bear gave some honey to the monkey. The monkey loved the taste of the honey and asked for some more from the bear. The bear said that monkeys do not eat honey and that was enough for him. The bear picked up the pot and hid it in his den so no one could steal the honey. The monkey was very disappointed with this.

The monkey thought that the secret of bear’s strength was the honey and that was the reason he did not give him the honey. The monkey decided to eat a lot of honey so that he could become as strong as the bear. He silently entered the bear’s den and stole the pot of honey.

Every day the bear and monkey used to meet but that day the monkey did not come to meet the bear. So, the bear went to the monkey’s house to see if he was doing well. The monkey was suffering from the stomach ache. The bear saw an empty pot of honey and understood what the monkey had done. The monkey was crying because of the pain and said, “I just wanted to be like you bear.” The bear replied, “You cannot be like me by just copying me. Only bears can eat so much of honey and digest it. That’s why I gave you a little amount of honey.”

Then the bear immediately called the doctor and the monkey was hospitalized. The monkey learned his lesson and he never tried to copy anyone again in his life.


Everyone is special in their own ways. Trying to be like someone else by copying them blindly can be very harmful.

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