The cloud dragon

Contributed by : Ravina Sewani   
The cloud dragon

This is a story of cloud, dragon, fire, king and prince.

A long time ago, in the dark lands of the witches, there lived the most terrible dragon that had ever existed. The dragon had magical powers and would turn into a cloud so he could move as fast as the wind. He could make himself as light as a feather, and take any form. Because he could turn into a cloud, he was capable of firing not only flames from his mouth, but also brilliant lightning flashes.

The cloud dragon would go around in towns and villages and would attack humans, animals, and bird just because he loved attack towns hearing everyone’s cries. But he enjoyed the most when humans would send their soldiers to kill him. When the soldiers would come to kill him, the dragon would enjoy by making rains fall on the soldiers’ armour and striking them with lightening which would make their hair stand up. He would turn to a dense fog and make the soldier fly. When the dragon was done playing with the soldier, he would turn into his original form, keeping the soldier floating in the air. The dragon would then laugh and his flames would strike the soldier. The soldier would then try hard to find his way back home.

One day, the king’s youngest son, Yela, decided to go see the dragon. Yela was also very naughty and so wanted to see the dragon’s trick. He thought that no one could be as bas that he would attack people for fun. When Yela went to see the dragon, he did so without any protection.

As soon as the dragon saw the young Prince coming, he began his attacking Yela by his tricks. Yela found his tricks were unique and he enjoyed those moments spent with the dragon. When Yela was finally dropped into the snow, he got up, hurt, but smiling, and he shouted, "Come on! Again! Yee-haaa!"

The cloud dragon was surprised at seeing Yela, but he had waiting for this since centuries. He repeated his tricks and also added a few more. The dragon started having a lot of fun and would take care of Yela when they were done playing. Both of them would sit together and laugh like two good friends.  Yela also played jokes, put on shows, made the dragon laugh and both of them created new tricks. Yela learned about the dragon’s family and found out that he was just a child but had grown very big. All that the dragon ever wanted to do was enjoy his childhood with someone.

The Prince, Yela, returned to his Kingdom on a great cloud in the shape of a dragon. With the help of other children, comedians, actors and animals, they managed to bring joy to the young dragon's life that never again did he feel the need to harm anyone for entertainment. As payment for all the fun that the dragon got, he provided rain, shade and fire to the Kingdom whenever it was needed.


There is always a strong reason behind the way a person behaves. If we can ask with kindness and listen to their problem, people might change for the better

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