The clown learns responsibility

Contributed by : Yesha Desai   
The clown learns responsibility

This is a story of clown.

Moral(s) of the story: responsibility

Once, there was a careless clown. He always ended up losing his things and breaking stuff.

Everyone said that he should be more responsible about his things and be careful when he uses other people’s stuff.

One day while performing, his jacket tore up a little bit because he carelessly bumped into something. The clown did not pay it much heed and just stitched it up loosely instead of properly fixing it.

Soon, there was a very important performance. The town’s mayor and his family were going to be watching the show. The clown was nervous and wanted to impress the mayor.

During the performance, the clown was perfect. He made people laugh and was very proud of that.

But then during the final event, his jacket tore entirely. Everyone laughed but this time it was not because of the clown’s talent. The clown was very embarrassed and wished that he had fixed his jacket properly.

Since then the clown decided to properly take care of his things and be responsible.


Being talented is not the only thing that matters. Being responsible and taking care of the belongings can help us go the long way.

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