The donkey’s wisdom

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The donkey’s wisdom

This is a classic story from panchtantra.

This is. a story of donkey and wolf.

Moral(s) of the story: wisdom

Once, a donkey called Gopu lived in the hills. One day, Gopu was happily munching on the grass of the lush green meadow. Gopu was so engrossed in eating the green patch of grass that he did not notice anything in his surroundings. Suddenly while eating, he lifted his head and was shocked to see Shikari right in front of him. Shikari was a wolf. Gopu realized that he needed to quickly think of an idea or else the wolf would devour him.

At once, Gopu started making sounds, “Oohhh, ahhh, it’s hurting so bad!” Unable to understand anything, Shikari asked him what was wrong. Gopu began to limp and said, “A sharp thorn has pierced through my foot while I was walking on the bushes, now I am in terrible pain, will you please remove it for me?”

“Why do you think I would do that?” asked Shikari, and thought to himelf how foolish the donkey must be. “I am waiting to eat him up and he wants me to remove a thorn from his foot,” thought Shikari.

“Shikari, it is for your benefit that I am asking you to take out the thorn,” said Gopu. “What benefit will I get by helping you?” asked Shikari.

“The thorn is very big and sharp. When you eat me, it will get stuck in your throat and will hurt you badly.”

Shikari thought for a moment and then agreed to do what Gopu said. Gopu lifted his foot for Shikari, and as soon as Shikari came close to his feet, Gopu kicked Shikari with all his strength and galloped away swiftly.

Shikari was blinded by the force of the kick and he also lost some teeth. “Serves me right. Why did I even listen to the donkey instead of eating him up right away? It is so foolish of me,” Shikari thought to himself, and quietly limped away from there.


The right use of one’s wisdom at the right time can escape the scariest of the situations.

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