The donkey who sang a song

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The donkey who sang a song

This is a classic story from panchtantra.

This is a story of donkey, farmer and fox.

Once upon a time, there was a donkey named Udhata who used to work for a washer man. Every day, the washer man used to make the donkey carry loads of clothes to the river for washing and then again back home. The donkey was dissatisfied because he thought that his master made him work a lot and gave him very little food to eat. So, he stealthily wandered into the nearby fields and ate the crops growing there.

One day, as the donkey was roaming around in the fields, he met a fox. They talked to each other and soon became friends. They began to roam around together looking for good food. One night, the fox and the donkey came across a field where large, juicy watermelons were growing. As the farmer and his family were asleep, the fox and the donkey quietly slipped into the field and ate the delicious watermelons to their hearts’ content.

After having many watermelons, the donkey became so happy that he felt an intense desire to sing a song. He said to the fox, “Friend, I am so happy after having this wonderful meal that I must express my joy by singing a melodious tune.” The fox replied, “Don’t be such a fool! There are people sleeping around the field. If you sing a song, they will wake up and will beat us up with their sticks.” “I don’t care,” said the donkey. “Singing makes one happy and healthy. Whatever happens, I am going to sing a song.”

The fox became worried because the farmer was sleeping just a little distance away from them. But he realised that the donkey was adamant and would not change his mind. So, he said, “Okay, friend. If you have made up your mind to sing, then do so. But wait for just a moment while I jump over to the other side of the fence for my safety.

So, the fox jumped over the fence and got out of the field. The donkey began singing happily in what he thought to be his most melodious voice. Hearing a donkey braying loudly, the farmer woke up from his sleep. When the farmer saw the donkey and all the damage that he had caused to his crop, he was furious. He took a thick, heavy stick and beat the donkey till he could hardly walk.

After getting this severe beating, the donkey somehow managed to crawl out of the field. There he met his friend, the fox. The fox said to him, “I’m really sad to see you in this sorry state, my friend. I warned you. Had you listened to my advice, you would not have got into trouble.” The donkey realised his mistake and hung his head low in shame.


Think before you act.

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