The Elephants Ears

Contributed by : Yesha Desai   
The Elephants Ears

This is a story of Elephant's ears.

Moral(s) of the story: Self-love

Granted that all elephants have giant ears, but Elly had the giant ones.

Her ears were larger than her mother’s, larger than her father’s, even larger than her grandfather’s ears!

Such large ears? But Elly was such a small and delicate little elephant. She was always tired due to the weight of her ears. Tired and hungry due to carrying her heavy ears everywhere, she comes home with a frown.

“Maaaaa!” She shouts. It was a particularly gruelling day at school, they had volleyball selections, and Elly was more than stressed. She wanted to vent about it to her mother. So she told her mother that she was stressed about the match.

The next day at the volleyball event, Elly feels very insecure about her large ears in front of the audience. This disturbs her performance.

She comes home crying again and shouts for her mother, “Maaaaa!”

Her mother doesn’t know how to make her daughter feel better. She tries to comfort her daughter, but it is all in vain.

So she comes up with a new trick. She sits Elly down in front of the television and switches to a sports channel where a volleyball game is playing.

Watching the game, Elly has already calmed herself. Her mother points to the amazing volleyball players and says, “Elly, look! Mon, the monkey’s nose is too big. Croc Crocodile’s mouth is too wide. But do you see anyone talking about it?”

That is how Elly slowly realises that physical flaws hold no bearing in front of her talent.

It takes a long time for Elly to understand this fully, but she slowly overcomes her insecurities.

Moral Of The Story: Accepting your body is the first step towards self-love.

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