The friend’s confession

Contributed by : Yesha Desai   
The friend’s confession

This is a story of dog.

Moral(s) of the story: confession

Zeus was a very good dog. He had many friends and his humans loved him very much. He considered himself to be a very lucky dog to live such a great life.

One day he met a very shy dog at the dog park. No one was talking to him and his human did not seem to pay any attention to him. The dog looked lonely and Zeus felt bad.

He decided to befriend the dog.

“Hello there! What is your name?” Zeus asked the other dog.

Very timidly the brown coated dog replied, “Doodle.”

Zeus smiled. “Can we be friends?”

Doodle’s eyes lit up and he let out a tiny smile too, “Yes.”

Since then, Doodle and Zeus had been inseparable. They were the best of friends.

One day when Doodle came to the Dog Park he was a little sad. Zeus immediately picked up on that and asked him what was wrong.

After a lot of coaxing, Doodle very hesitantly replied, “I have a confession to make.”

Zeus nodded.

Doodle still sounded a little unsure, “Do you promise not to tell anyone?”

Zeus nodded again.

The Doddle sighed and said, “My human doesn't love me as much as yours loves you. She is always busy and has no time to me. I am very sad about that.”

Zeus frowned. He did not know what to do with this confession. He wanted to help his friend but he did not want to break his promise and tell anyone else about this confession.

Zeus’s human noticed that Zeus was not his usual cheerful self and was worried for him.

He let Zeus be for a while but when his sulking intensified he decided to step in and help. “Hello, good boy! What is wrong with you?”

Zeus let out a confused whine.

Should he tell his human? Surely, his human can help. And Zeus just wanted to help Doodle.

After a whole lot of cuddles Zeus made his decision and told his human about Doodle’s confession.

His human smiled and assured him that he will fix this.

Next time when Doodle and his human came to the dog park, Zeus’s human talked to Doodle’s human.

Doodle’s human was shocked and felt guilty because Doodle felt neglected. She had not meant for that to happen and was simply just very absorbed in her work.

She decided to make it up to Doodle.

From then on, Doodle lived a very good life. He was always pampered and cherished by his human.


Sometimes all it takes is a little courage to confess your problems because there is always someone out there to help.

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