The importance of different types of food

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The importance of different types of food

This is a story of apricot, burger, noodles, pizza, raisin, roti, sandwich and walnut.

Moral(s) of the story: health and hygiene

When little Maya walked into the kitchen behind her mother she whined, “I am very hungry! What should I eat?” She looked around the kitchen. There were just so many options.

The roti that her mother had just made said, “Eat me! I have the right amount of carbohydrates that you need and even the fibre. Your mother just made your favourite sabzi today. Come on eat us.”

The sabzi agreed. The dry fruits from the can said, “You love pistachio so much and even cashews. Eat us.”

The raisin from the same can said, “Yes. And the apricot, almond and me have such high amounts of vitamins which you need to stay in good health. You should eat dry fruits.”

The pizza that her father had brought for lunch said, “Eh! Enough about this health talk. You don’t always need to eat healthy food Maya. You can give yourself a break and eat something you like. You know that you love pizza.”

The bread from the fridge said, “Yes, but pizza is so unhealthy. You can take me and make a sandwich, that is tastier and healthier alternative. Or you can make a burger if you like.”

The instant noodles packet and the fruits from the table said similar arguments for why she should eat them but Maya was so confused as everything seemed very appealing.

She looked at her mother and she smiled down at her daughter, “There are so many options Maya. But you have to find a balance. You can’t always eat unhealthy food and you can’t always avoid the food you like either. The key to a healthy life is a balanced diet.”


Balanced food intake is very important to maintain a healthy body.

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