The lake monster

Contributed by : Shina Utavani   
The lake monster

This is a story of child, football, lake and monster.

Moral(s) of the story: cooperation and friendship

Once, in a little village near Guwahati, there was a big park. In the middle of the park, there was a huge wood and, in that wood, there was a dark and gloomy lake and, in that lake, there lived a Monster called Monstruto.

Monstruto was very dangerous. He had eaten all the monsters who used to live in the lake and all the children who used to go near the lake. And due to this reason, the monster had a big round tummy. The tummy of the monster was so big that when he moved, it scraped along the bottom of the lake. He used to hold the branches of the trees around the lake so, he could move easily. Due to this, all the branches of the trees were broken and were touching the water.

Monstruto was left with nothing more to eat. He had eaten all the monsters and no children used to come near the lake as they were scared.

One day, a group of children was playing football near the lake. One little boy kicked the ball so hard that it landed near one corner of the lake. The hungry Monstruto saw the round thing near the corner of the lake and thought of eating it. The monster went to the corner of the lake and holding on to the branches of the trees, he swallowed the ball at once.

The monsters and children who were inside the tummy of the Monstruto started playing with the ball. They began to play the game of the football and one monster kicked the ball so hard that it blew up. The air inside the ball began to escape and the monster’s tummy began to get bigger and bigger until it exploded. Due to this, all the monsters and the children came out of the Monstruto’s tummy. All the children that came out from the tummy went to their parents running and to tell them what had happened.

The Monstruto’s tummy was not big and round anymore. It did not touch the ground and he was thin. He could walk around easily without grabbing the branches of the trees. The best thing was that there were many more monsters in the lake. So, Monstruto used to play with them and have fun.

Monstruto decided that from now onwards he would never eat any of the monsters or children.

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