The Mountain and the River

Contributed by : Shina Utavani   
The Mountain and the River

This is a story of mountain and river.

Moral(s) of the story: gratitude

One day, the river thought to herself, “Do, I need to keep flowing all my life? Why can’t I stop and rest for a little while?” She was a bit upset and thought to discuss it with the mountain. She went to the mountain and shared her thoughts and asked for advice.

After hearing her thoughts, the mountain just laughed and said, “Look at me! I am standing here in the same place for ages!” To which the river replied, “You are firm and fixed in one place. How can you get tired? Look at me, I have to move all the time. I don’t get to rest even for a single minute”.

“That is how you see it, but I get tired of standing here”, said the Mountain. He further added, “Every day, I see the same trees and the same patch of sky. Sometimes, I wish only I could run like a river. I would visit new forests and villages. I would water their fields, give life, and be deeply loved by all.”

The river was shocked to hear the mountain’s reply. She always thought that his life was perfect. The river said, “That is so strange! Your life is so peaceful and comfortable, yet you feel this way!” To which the mountain replied, “You do not get it, my sister! The river is worshipped by everyone.” He added, “You flow for the sake of others. You give away so much, you offer whatever remains to the sea.”

The river realised her worth and said with great enthusiasm, “You are right, my brother! The true purpose of my life is to give life to others. Thank you for your kind wisdom. She gushed away with a loud gurgle feeling very happy and her newfound positive energy.


Stay happy with whatever you have. Everyone has a different purpose in their lives.

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