The river

Contributed by : Yesha Desai   
The river

This is a story of boat, fish, friend and river.

Moral(s) of the story:

A long time ago there was a river which did not share its water with any fish, boat or plant. The river lived alone and did not have any friends.

The river lived alone for years until one day a little boy decided to free his goldfish called Goldie.

Goldie was a very friendly fish. He sensed the river’s loneliness and decided to help the river.

So Goldie swam and swam in the river and even invited his friends. Soon the river was filled with plants and fish.

First, the river was unaccepting of the new members but after a while, made new friends.

The river thought about why it had no friends for all these years. It was because it had isolated itself and refused to help cater to any plants and animals.

But seeing how his new friends had helped him feel less lonely and good, it decided to be a good friend too.

Then the river was always happy and smiling. It helped the plants grow, the fish swim, boats float and animals drink water from it.

The river realised that although it may sometimes be a bit inconvenient or uncomfortable, it was always better to have friends and to try to be happy.


Friends make life better and easier.

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