The sad turtle

Contributed by : Yesha Desai   
The sad turtle

This is a story of ocean, sea and turtle.

Ollie is a five year old girl who lives by the sea in a small fishing village. She loves the ocean with her whole heart and she loves the animals in it, even more.

Everyday she would go fishing with her father and meet new fish. The dolphins adored her, the sharks and whales loved her and the octopuses always wanted to hug her.

In short, everybody loved it when Ollie came to meet them and Ollie was just as happy to do the same.

However, after some time she noticed that not enough animals came to meet her. The seahorses rarely showed up with their children, the whales were very few in numbers, the sharks would not be as friendly. Gradually, the fish showed up in such little numbers that even her father was worried.

Ollie thought that they did not visit her because she did something wrong. One day she sat in a small cove and frowned, wondering what went wrong.

That was when a turtle washed up to the shore. By the faint whining, Ollie immediately knew that the animal was in pain. She ran to the turtle and found that he was covered in trash, he was trapped.

She immediately took the plastic from his face, untangled whatever was stuck to his legs and helped him breathe. Finally, when the turtle was safe, she breathed a sigh of relief. The turtle thanked her and smiled at her but it was a sad smile.

She slowly asked the turtle what happened and he sighed, “The ocean is not safe for us anymore, especially not near the shore. There is human waste everywhere.” “Is that why you all don’t come to visit me anymore?” asked Ollie worried.

The turtle nodded, “We can barely swim near the shore. There is plastic and plastic. The pollution kills us. I would have died today if it were not for your help.”

Ollie had tears in her eyes thinking about the ocean’s residents’ misery and so she promised the turtle, “I will fix it. Or at least I will try. I miss you all, my friends and you deserve to be safe in your own home.”

The turtle smiled sadly again before Ollie released him into the sea, “Thank you Ollie. We will surely visit you when it is safe for us. We miss you too.” Ollie waved him away and hoped that he stayed safe.


Marine pollution makes it very hard for the inhabitants of the ocean to live. We must keep the ocean clean.

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