The Story Of A Dosa

Contributed by : Yesha Desai   
Story for Kids

This is a story of a mother, daughter and delicious dosa.

Moral(s) of the story: self-love

Tara was always very concerned about the way she looked. She always wondered why she wasn’t as thin as the other girls or as tall as the other girls.

Her friends tried to assure her that it didn’t matter, but Tara didn’t listen. One day when she was very sad, she cried about it to her mother. Her mother took her to the kitchen and said, “Here, I will make Dosa!”

Tara’s face immediately lit up because it was her favourite dish. She noticed her three tiny Dosa were of different shapes. Not round at all. Once she was done, Tara’s mother asked her if she noticed any difference in her food. Tara replied, “The Dosas are unevenly shaped, Ma.”

And her mother smiled, “Yes, but was there any difference in how yummy they were?” Tara shook her head.

Her mother patted her daughter’s head and said, “Just like your food did not taste different because of its shape, what you have to offer and how valuable you do not depend on the way you look.”


The way you look is not everything, and you can be just as valuable by being you.

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