The sun and the moon

Contributed by : Shina Utavani   
The sun and the moon

This is a story of moon, sun and tube light.

The Sun and the Moon were great friends. One day, they were talking about who was the strongest among them. The discussion resulted in a heated argument and they started fighting. Every day, they use to discuss the same but never came to any decision.

The argument carried out for ages and finally, the Sun declared that the Moon could not shine if the Sun’s light did not fall on it. He said to the Moon, “You do not have your light so, I am stronger than you.” To which Moon proudly replied, “You give light, but you burn the earth with your heat. People do not prefer coming out of their houses due to extreme heat. But when I shine at night, people enjoy the moonlight.”

Sun could not digest the words spoken by the Moon. He got angry and picked some mud and threw it at the Moon’s face. The Moon tried to get out of the way but could not and the mud got stuck on his face.

It is believed that due to the mud thrown, the Moon has dark spots on its face.

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