The Sun, The Clouds, and The Stars

Contributed by : Shina Utavani   
The Sun, The Clouds, and The Stars

This is a story of cloud, rain, star and sun.

Moral(s) of the story: hope

There was a country situated in a land far where it was always raining. There was not a single day when it would not rain. There were downpours of rain every day for years and years. A little boy lived in that country, in a little house on the mountain, with his Daddy and his dog.

The boy was nine years old and for every day of his life, he had witnessed rain all day and all night. The boy had been into the rainy weather since birth. People used to tell him that before he was born, there had been a yellow round thing in the sky known as the Sun. The Sun was big, round-shaped and gave warmth and light to everything and everybody. It always had a big smile on its face. To see that big smile on the Sun, people would look at it and smile back at it.

The little boy could not imagine the picture of the Sun, as he had never seen one. And he could not believe that people used to smile at him because in his village, people looked very sad and they never smiled.

One day, people in the village noticed that the sky looked a little lighter. It was still raining, and the black clouds were still there, hanging in the sky but it seemed lighter. The next day, people noticed that the amount of rain was a little less than the usual days. The day after that, it rained only for half the day. After that, it only dripped and tricked. The next day, it stopped raining.

After that, there were no black clouds instead the sky was filled with white clouds. People were surprised that it was not raining. Gradually, the blue skycould be seen and finally, one day, a big, round yellow thing appeared in the sky giving warmth and light to everybody. The people looked up to the sky and they smiled because that round thing had a big smile on its face.

The little boy saw the big, yellow thing up in the sky and thought it might be the Sun, the yellow round thing he heard in the stories. He went out on the street and saw everyone else smiling. He was happy to see a smile on everyone’s face in his village. At night there were no clouds in the sky and people also saw stars in the sky. They all were very happy. They enjoyed the sunny weather. Happy days were finally here, and people celebrated it.

Moral: Bad days and good days are a part of life. We must never lose hope. Good days will eventually follow the bad days.

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