Mustafa Lokhandwala

Chief Operating Officer   

Mustafa Lokhandwala

Contact Number: 917623079079

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp Number: 917623079079

Organization: Bee Parenting

Address: 675, Huseni Chowk, Voharwad, Raikhad, Ahmedabad. 380001


Mr Mustafa Lokhandwala is working as a Chief Operating Officer at Bee Parenting. Mustafa holds a Sales & Marketing M.B.A Degree & experience of 5+ years. A creative mind amidst the team of bee parenting. He is known for his teamwork, every single move taken by him is not only for him moving a step ahead but lifts up the whole team to the next level.

Though calm and thoughtful he has salient features of making all the team members give their best making them reach for the sky and attain the satisfaction required for an individual at work.


M.B.A in Sales and Marketing

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