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Ravina Sewani

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Ravina Sewani holds a post-graduate degree in M.Sc. Industrial Biotechnology. Language, stories, and people have always attracted her. She believes in the power of voice and has been an active public speaker and debater since her school years.

She co-founded "Know-How Bucket (KHB)" in the year 2017. She has 2+ years of experience as public speaking and a personality development trainer. She has worked with students of age 4 to 22 years under KHB. She has developed KHB into an “Open-Learning Space” and with this concept aims to bring positive changes in the education system.

She is an active social worker and believes in the potential of benevolence. She has worked as a volunteer to impart education to underprivileged kids at Police Pathshala, Ahmedabad, for six months. She has also worked towards creating awareness about sanitary napkins among the underprivileged section.

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