Ali Momin

Chief Executive Officer of Bee Parenting   

Ali Momin

Contact Number: 919925041865


Whatsapp Number: 919925041861

Organization: Parenting Nations

Address: Wyndham Vale, Victoria, Australia



Mr. Ali momin is a founder of Parenting Nations – An NGO towards Sustainable Early Childhood Development. He is also a director of two companies – Spider communication Pvt Ltd & Ummat communication Pvt Ltd. Mr. Ali is actively involved in community services and was featured in ‘The Fortune Magazine'(India) in April 2014, for his innovative ideas to help the underprivileged section of our society. By profession, Mr.Ali is a software engineer with M.C.A degree. & experience of 14+ years in the IT industry. From 6 international institutes including United Nations, He has been certified in Early childhood development courses. He is also an author of 4 books regarding Parenting. Since the first seed of Parenting Nations in 2015, he has dedicated his life to the cause – Early Childhood Development. He firmly believes in giving back to the world by contributing to early childhood development resources for parents. Parenting being the root, which can change generations for good, he wants to contribute towards making the world a better place for all living beings.

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