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Activities are an interesting way to teach important life skills to children. Here are a few suggestions for you.

Significance: This activity will improve your child's coordination, observation, and motor skills.

Talking in circles


This is a very fun and challenging game that enhances a lot of communication and coordination among the kids.

Republic Day Worksheet For Kids

Specially developed Printable Worksheets For Kids on Republic Day theme. This worksheet includes ISpy Image, Crossword puzzle, Word scramble, Color the image, Maze puzzle, Riddles & Tongue twisters on the theme of Republic Day.

Walking Water


The child will learn the concept of capillary action and have fun with colours.

Treasure Hunt


This game will improve their thinking ability. This game also brings with it a lot of fun.

Turning grapes into raisins


This activity is an early and interesting exposure to science.

Pour water in cups


This activity will help improve your child’s motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination.

Resist Painting


This activity can be very exciting because you can ask them to find out hidden message. They learn the difference between the textures and results of different colour mediums.

Slime making


This activity will improve your child’s sensory skills. It also relieves stress. This activity also enhances your child’s motor skills.