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Activities are an interesting way to teach important life skills to children. Here are a few suggestions for you.
Skittle Candy Experiment


This activity will introduce your child to the concept of solute and solvent and is also a fun and attractive experiment for kids.

Growing mold on a bread


This experiment will introduce your child to microorganisms and will teach them to maintain hygiene with their food.

Roll the Ball


This game will improve your child’s motor skills.

Resist Painting


This activity can be very exciting because you can ask them to find out hidden message. They learn the difference between the textures and results of different colour mediums.

Unscramble the words - Food

This activity will enhance your child's thinking ability.

Dunk It


This game will teach your child how to work as a team in a group and also enhance their communication and social skills.

A walk with a twist


Activities such as these help in developing a very strong emotional bonding between grandchildren and grandparents.

Talking in circles


This is a very fun and challenging game that enhances a lot of communication and coordination among the kids.

Role Playing


This activity will enhance your child's imagination and increase their understanding about day to day experiences. This activity will also make your child accept people from all expertise.