can children with cold and cough sleep in humidifier   

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This is absolutely a myth which has been prevailing since ages. There is no harm in giving bananas to your child. Bananas are rich in vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and potassium. These vital vitamins and minerals boost a child's immune system. It is a heavy food so it's advisable to not give it to a child in the late hours because it gets difficult to digest. However, banana milkshake cannot be given to a child suffering from cold or cough. In fact, no fruit should be given in combination with milk or curd during cold or cough. The only case when you should not give bananas is when you know your child is allergic to this fruit. This is very rare though. Keen observation can help you find whether your child is allergic to bananas or not. Parents tend to overlook that the child gets exposed to dirt and dust so might get sick because of that and instead blame bananas for sickness. So just be observant and be sure what exactly the cause of your child’s sickness is.

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