can sleeping in ac and air cooler cause any harm to children   

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can my child sleep in heater
You can make the baby sleep in AC or heater as long as the temperature is thermo comfortable for the baby. This means the temperature should be neither too warm nor too cold. It should be bearable and pleasant. Just make sure that the airflow is not directed towards the baby. The atmosphere in the room should be around 26 degrees Celsius which is ideally thermo comfortable for the baby.

Sleepwear tips for babies

Choose sleepwear in a way that the baby sleeps hassle free and wakes up with a smile.

Managing Sleep Walking Habit in Children

Sleep walking is common in kids; Most kids outgrow it by they reach their teens.

Resolving sleep talking problems

Sleep talking is common among children. It is not as serious as sleep walking habit and it can be resolved easily.

Selecting a baby box for your baby

Baby boxes are also known as sleep boxes. These are simple cardboard boxes which can be used in place of cribs for babies to sleep in.

Urination in bed

Urinating in bed can be avoided by not giving fluids before bed but sometimes it has underlying psychological reasons as well.

Sleep Schedule of Babies

It is better to not assume otherwise about your child's sleep before understanding about the ideal sleep hours.

Acrophobia - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Acrophobia is the fear of heights that can cause anxiety and panic among children.

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