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Diarrhoea is not caused due to teething nor it is a symptom of teething. It is a common myth that teething is associated with diarrhoea. Basically around 6 months (the age when teething usually starts), the baby gets a hand’s grip and thus tries to hold on to things and toys. During teething, the baby experiences itching in the gums and thus the baby tries to put things in its mouth so the baby keeps putting anything and everything in its mouth which may be dirty and have germs on them which lead to stomach infection causing diarrhoea. It is important for parents to understand that diarrhoea results due to the germs present on the things which children put in their mouth. Teething occurs in children approximately 20 times between 2 and 2.5 years. The baby doesn’t suffer from diarrhoea every time hence it is proved that diarrhoea is not due to teething. Till the child turns 2 years of age, the child may suffer for 2 to 3 such episodes of diarrhoea which may last for 8 to 10 days each time. During these days, give ORS to your child in proper proportions to keep him/her hydrated. One thing to keep in mind during diarrhoea is that the child should not get dehydrated so it is important to replenish the body fluids with ORS.

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