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Activities are an interesting way to teach important life skills to children. Here are a few suggestions for you.
Stare the Clouds


This activity will improve the emotional bonding between grandparents and grandchildren. It will also improve a child’s imagination and help them appreciate the nature.

Act out a story


This will improve your grandchildren's non verbal communication and imagination.

Family Tree


This will introduce your child to their family members and help them understand the generations in the family.

A walk with a twist


Activities such as these help in developing a very strong emotional bonding between grandchildren and grandparents.

Make up a story


This will increase your grandchildren’s imagination.

Circle Art Painting - Activity for Kids

Very simple but fun process art activity- Circle Art Painting is a great way to allow your little one to express artistry where the process is more important than the final outcome. More than the result you will be thrilled to see your child’s excitement and enjoyment from beginning to end of the activity.