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child passes different colour stool
The colour of the stool depends upon the food the child eats. If the child eats beetroot, the stool may be dark reddish in colour. The colour of the stool also depends on some iron syrup or multivitamin which the child might be taking. Sometimes the child passes green coloured stool; this is because of the bile (which is green in colour) present in the stomach. Bile is required for the digestion process. But when the frequency of motion is too high, bile does not get processed properly and leaves the body as it is. So if your baby passes green coloured stool, it is not a matter of concern. Similarly, the colour of the urine also depends upon the intake of water. The only thing to remember is that there should be no traces of blood present in urine or stool. In that case, immediately see a doctor and get the reports done.