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Seed allergy

Read the article to know what to look out for in case your child has seed allergy.

Pollen allergy

Pollen allergy is seasonal and so precautionary measures will help a lot.

Treating hair lice

Children below 3 years usually do not suffer from hair lice. If they do, proper shampooing of their hair and an oil massage is helpful for them.

Physical Deformity in children

A congenital deformity or physical abnormality is a change in the normal size or shape of a body part caused by a condition that a baby is born with.

Egg Allergy

Egg allergy is one of the most common allergies among all.

Squint eye in children

Many a times, squint eye resolves on its own but if it does not, it needs correction and treatment.

All about seizures

Here are Seizure Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Risk factors, Prevention, Diagnosis, and Types.

Benefits of applying oil in child’s hair

Hair massage with oil is beneficial in several ways.

Undergoing circumcision in boys

Circumcision is not necessary but the decision depends on personal beliefs.

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