is cradle safe for baby to sleep in   

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It is always safe and recommended by experts to make the baby sleep on his back on a firm sleep surface. It is always good to make the child sleep in a separate cot in the same room with parents for one year. However, in Indian set up, parents have been using cradle to put the child sleep comfortably. The baby feels cosy and comfortable and can sleep for long duration in cradle. The motion makes the child feel sleepy and comfortable. The problems with a cradle are, it gets difficult to change the sleeping habit and make the child feel comfortable on bed over a period of time and if the child grows up (above a year), they can jump off easily which makes it unsafe. Sometimes, the baby might roll to one side and end up with his/her face pressed against the cloth through which (s)he may not be able to breathe properly. If you have decided to use the cradle, consider these pros and cons to decide the best for your child.

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