is it important to sterilise milk bottles pacifiers and teethers   

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Should i sterilise bottles and pacifiers?
It is not advisable to use plastic milk bottles in the first place. If you decide to use them, it is necessary to clean them regularly. It is also important to sterilise them from time to time. Children, especially infants can get affected by germs and bacteria easily, hence clean the bottles regularly. Just washing the bottles with soap water will not make the germs go away. The easiest way to sterilise milk bottles is to keep them in boiling water for a few minutes. Similarly, if your child uses pacifiers, it is necessary to clean and sterilise them as well.

Selecting a milk bottle for your baby

Selection of milk bottle can be based on many parameters like nipple shape, nipple flow, bottle material and bottle shape.

Weaning off pacifiers and milk bottles

Pacifiers and milk bottles if not weaned off at the right age, can last up to many years.

Selecting a pacifier for your baby

A pacifier is a rubber, plastic, or silicone nipple which is given to an infant to suck upon. It comes with a mouth shield to avoid the danger of swallowing it and choking up on it.