is it necessary to bathe my child every day   

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bathing new born baby
Bathing your baby is an experience many parents love. It’s a great time to bond, as the new bundle of joy enjoys the sensation of warm water on their skin. New parents may wonder if the baby needs a bath every day. Researchers and paediatricians suggest, there’s no need to give a newborn a bath every day. Until the baby’s umbilical cord stump falls off, washing him/her with a soft sponge or cotton is enough. Once the cord heals, bathing babies three times a week is just enough until the baby becomes more adaptable in their new world. In fact, a lot of babies get rashes and dry skin from too many baths in earlier days. Obviously, babies must be kept clean even if you don’t give them a bath, so always wash their face and neck with a soft cloth or cotton after feedings or reflux. Also, it’s very essential to clean their genitals after each diaper change. Though not necessary, after a few months, daily baths can be given.

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