is it okay to feed child in lying position   

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feeding while sleeping position
This is not advisable because the shape of the tube in between the throat and ear is such that there is a possibility of milk entering the ears through the throat in a lying position. In such a case, the baby may develop an ear infection, irritation or itchy feeling or even pus formation. Hence it is better to avoid. Another reason is that the child can get into the habit of sucking breasts all night just like the way they suck pacifiers and this, in turn, can lead to sucking air into the stomach. This can cause indigestion and gastric issues. Mother’s sleep gets deprived because of this and she feels restless; her health can also get affected due to this.

Low Breastmilk Supply

It is very rare that mothers have to deal with less breastmilk production. Nevertheless, there are always ways to deal with it.

Understanding Breast Engorgement

New mothers might worry about breast engorgement but there is nothing to worry about much.

Milk for babies - Mother's milk, Formula milk or Animal milk

It is important to breastfeed a child till 1 year. It is not advisable to give formula milk before the age of 1 year.

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