is it okay to give some other medicine with fever tablet   

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what happens if I give a baby too much fever medicine
Yes, it is okay to combine fever and other medicines under your paediatrician's guidance. Note that the medication for fever acts only on fever and helps in reducing the body’s temperature. It does not have any effect on the disease-causing germs or toxins of the disease present in the blood. For example, if the child is suffering from malaria, the doctor will prescribe two different medications. One for a fever - to cool down the body and the other for malaria disease. Both need to be given together for complete recovery. If the child has malaria, then the malarial germs won’t die in a day. It will take at least 2 to 3 days to leave the body after you start your child’s medication. Since the germs are already there in the body, the child will have a fever too. So the fever medication needs to be given too. Parents should note one thing: the medication for fever only lowers the body’s temperature; it does not destroy the toxins of the disease.

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