is it okay to take my newborn out   

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The idea about keeping the child indoors for the first few months after the birth is not correct, you can take your child outside to breathe some fresh air as long as the child is healthy. Consider this when you take your child out for a while: 1. Do not overdress or under dress the child. Dress them up without any extra layers. 2. Keep a small blanket handy. 3. Do not take them in harsh sunlight during the afternoon. Newborns’ skin is delicate and sun rays can be damaging. 4. Keep them away from the place where you know people are ill, as children can catch the infections quickly. 5. A natural light, exercise and fresh air are important for a healthy growth of a child. 6. Try to take the baby out before 10 in the morning and after 5 in the evening.

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