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Stories help in improving a child's imagination. Here are a few interesting ones for you to narrate to your child.
Laxman’s Wish to be an Elder Brother

This is a story of Balram, Krishna, Laxman and Ram.

Yudhisthir and Dronachrayaa

This is a story of Ashwatthama, Dronacharya, Krishna and Yudhistra

Lord Damodar and Sishupala’s deliverance

This is a story of Krishna and Sishupala.

Karna‘s Generosity

This is a story of Arjun, Karna, Krishna and Yudhistra.

Moral(s) of the story: generosity, kindness and sacrifice.

Krishna, Arjuna, the widow and her cow

This is a story of Arjun and Krishna.

Krishna’s Childhood

This is a story of bullock cart, Krishna and Yashoda.

Barbarika watching Mahabharata war

This is a story of Krishna.

Stealing of Butter

This is a story of Gopi, Krishna, Yashoda and Butter.

Pudding and peanuts for Krishna

This is a story of Krishna.

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