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Parenting in a nuclear family

Nuclear family or elementary family or conjugal family is essentially a family which has parents (mother and father) and children.

Activities to develop your child's interest in food

Thinking of interesting ways to present food to your child(ren) will make them eat all types of food.

Parenting in a Joint Family

A joint family is a large family where the grandparents, father, mother, uncle, aunt and their children live unitedly under one roof.

Prophet Muhammad Hadiths On Parent Child Relationship Part 1

Parent-child Relationship is one of the things that is the most sacred thing in the world. Hadiths by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) related to this beautiful relationship will tell us its importance.

Birthday celebration ideas

Your child's birthday is special not just for your child but for you as well. Try keeping it minimal but yet full of memories.

When a child laughs too much

Pay attention to the situations in which your child laughs too much; this will help you to understand the problem better.

Baby proofing the house

Children are curious by nature and they will explore everything you have in the house. So it's better to keep a check on all the things you have in the house before the baby arrives.

Swimming pools essentials and considerations

Swimming pools can pose some danger so it's better to take proper precautions.

Monsoon Precautions for Babies

Taking the right precautionary steps before the arrival of any season will keep your baby safe and healthy.