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Parenting issues are a part of the everyday parenting journey. Following article(s) might help you with your concern(s).
Planning the best for the child during and post divorce

Divorce can be quite difficult for a child. It is important that parents handle this situation very carefully.

Homeschooling vs Conventional Schooling

Conventional or regular schooling is when children go to an authorised school with other children to study as per the school norms and curriculum. While homeschooling is when the child is educated in the comfort of his/ her house.

Oral injury in children

Oral trauma refers to injuries to the mouth and/or teeth.

Teaching child not to back answer

Back answering is not just a misbehaviour of your child. There might be underlying reasons for that.

Getting your child's ears' pierced

Get your child's ear pierced only if they like it.

Dealing with a stubborn child

All humans are stubborn more or less. That does not mean, you cannot teach your child to put their foot down and patiently listen what the other person has to say.

Animal Bites in children

Treatment for animal bites depends on the type of animal that has bitten your child.

Keeping a child in discipline

Discipline teaches your child how to behave and how not to behave in social and routine situations. It also lays the foundation for the kind of adult the child is going to be.

Finding out your child’s interests

Knowing the interest of your child will help you guide your child better.