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Kids moral stories help in improving their imagination & relate to real-world life. Here are age-specific bedtime stories for children by renowned storytellers.
Caring is in the heart

This is a story of village.

Moral(s) of the story: caring and helpfulness

A Lonely Tennis Ball

This is a story of ball, house and tennis.

Moral(s) of the story: hope

Baby Camel and his Mother

This is a story of camel, desert and zoo.

Moral(s) of the story: curiosity

Toby’s first grocery shopping trip

This is a story of bubble, grocery store and sandwich.

Tina’s garage

This is a story of car, garage, pencil and roller coaster.

Moral(s) of the story: hard work and determination

The key to success

This is a story of disciple, farm, farmer and saint.

Moral(s) of the story: discipline

Timmy goes to a new park!

This is a story of garden, house, see saw, marigoround, slide and swing.

A black dog

This is a story of dog and garden.

Moral(s) of the story: family value

Gandhi at school in South Africa

This is a story of educator, Mahatma Gandhi and school.

Moral(s) of the school: cheating