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Activities are an interesting way to teach important life skills to children. Here are a few suggestions for you.


This activity will improve your child’s vocabulary and explanation skills. It will also help them to connect the dots between 2 or more things.

It is a word guessing game.

Fairy soup


This activity will introduce the concept of cooking food in an interesting way. It will also help kids to develop team work and social skills.

Squares Game


This activity will enhance your child’s brain’s analytical & focusing skills. It will also increase your child’s patience as he/she waits for their turn.

Unscramble the words - Human Body

This activity will enhance your child's thinking ability.



This will enhance your child’s vocabulary and pronunciation.



This activity will enhance your child’s logical thinking skills.

Republic Day Worksheet For Kids

Specially developed Printable Worksheets For Kids on Republic Day theme. This worksheet includes ISpy Image, Crossword puzzle, Word scramble, Color the image, Maze puzzle, Riddles & Tongue twisters on the theme of Republic Day.

Indoor bowling


This game will improve your child’s motor and coordination skills.

A walk with a twist


Activities such as these help in developing a very strong emotional bonding between grandchildren and grandparents.