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Kids moral stories help in improving their imagination & relate to real-world life. Here are age-specific bedtime stories for children by renowned storytellers.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee- a Skilful Orator

This is a story of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

The Clever Jackal

This is a story of elephant, jackal, leopard, lion and tiger.

Moral: smartness and wisdom

The Frogs and the Crane

This is a story of crane, frog, pond and tree.

Moral(s) of the story: boasting


This is a story of Onam.

The magic cap

This is a story of cap, cat, dog, goblin, pixies, troll and wizard.

Moral(s) of the story: kindness

Lord Shiva and the halahala poison

This is a story of ocean, Shiva and Vishnu.

The two pots

This is a classic story from Vikas books.

Moral(s) of the story: ego and wisdom

What a coincidence!

This is a story of doll, mother and father.

The peasant and the bear

This is a story of bear, turnip and wheat.

Moral(s) of the story: cheating