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Kids moral stories help in improving their imagination & relate to real-world life. Here are age-specific bedtime stories for children by renowned storytellers.
The Christmas That Santa Almost Missed

This is a story of Christmas, elf, magic and Santa Claus.

Moral(s) of the story: friendship

Kaikeyi's demand to banish Ram

This is a story of kailkeyi, manthra and Ram.

The Foolish Donkey

This is a story of donkey, fox and lion.

Moral: idiot

Happy Birthday Moon

This is a story of bear, birthday and moon.

The Story of Lord Ramaís Sister Shanta

This is a story of Ram and Shanta.

Mahabharat and delhi sultan’s wish

This is a classic story from Tenali Raman.

Moral(s) of the story: wisdom

The Little Mermaid

This is a story of land, mermaid, palace, prince, princess and sea.

The Story Of 12 Apostles

This is a story of Bible, Apostles, Jesus Christ and Simon.

Who will bell the cat?

This is a story of bell, cat, greengrocer, mouse and panchtantra.

Moral(s) of the story: foolishness and over confidence