what is safe for children syrup injection or tablet   

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what is safe for children syrup injection or tablet
This decision is of the doctor’s depending upon the disease which the child is suffering from. Usually, the doctor prescribes tablets or syrups. Sometimes, doctors might give an injection if they see fit. Unless the condition is serious, the doctor doesn’t advise intravenous bottles. In certain exceptional cases, even though the child does not have a serious problem but is unable to take medicine orally, then the doctor can suggest intravenous treatment. For example, if the child takes medicines properly but vomits out every time then it becomes necessary to give him/her intravenous treatment so that the medicine stays in the body and works to cure the child.

Soothing your baby after injection

Injections are painful for children so they tend to get cranky post one.

Handling child who is afraid of injections

Many children are afraid of injections, sometimes adults too.

Common reactions after vaccination

Almost all vaccinations have mild reactions post vaccination; this means the vaccine is working.

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