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  Bee Search

Parenting information & kids activities verified, personalized, and most convenient search engine

  Bee Partners

Partnership with Content contributors, Subject matter experts, Schools, Corporates,Government and non-government organizations

  Bee Talks

Parenting talks platform (like Ted Talks)

  Bee Competitions

Kids competitions Organiser, Marketplace, and Aggregator

  Bee Worksheets

Printable Worksheets Developer, Marketplace, and Aggregator

  Bee Podcast

Parenting podcast Aggregator

  Bee Market Research

Parenting data, research & analysis services

  Bee Companion

Aggregator for personalized parenting counseling services

  Bee Activities

Kids activities Organiser, Marketplace, and Aggregator

  Bee Directory

ECD services Infomedia marketplace

  Bee Training

Learning for scholars, teachers, counselors, schools, NGOs

  Bee Events

Exhibitions and events noticeboard like

  Bee Publication

Parenting contents online and offline publication (Books, Research paper, Journal, Digital library

  Bee Deals

Exclusive deals marketplace like

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